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About Me


I have lived in Manchester for a decade. While New Hampshire was not my first home, I chose to live here because of the strong sense of community and respect for the individual that lives in the residents of the "Live Free or Die" state. I am the proud son of a decorated Vietnam veteran and the brother to another veteran. I graduated from a small university in rural Tennessee with a BA in Economics and Political Science. 

During the work day I wear several hats. I run a childcare center with my wife Sammi as well as offering consulting services for non-profit organizations. One of my passions is DIY home improvements which is a set of skills I learned from my parents growing up. They taught me that hard work, doing the right thing, and giving back always pays off in the long run, which are values that I still hold dear today.

I own a small duplex on the South side of Manchester which we share with our two cats, 1 dog, and in January of 2023, our first child! While I love our little section of the city, I see there are serious problems that need addressing such as homelessness, crime, and educational opportunities for all students.   


In my spare time I enjoy running (some days more than others!), recreational shooting sports, and watching cars go in circles (aka NASCAR). A perfect Sunday for me is choosing between watching the Patriots and the race.  

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