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Crime is a serious problem for South Manchester. Calls to defund the police only embolden criminals. One of my top priorities will be to repeal PR bail which was well intentioned but has caused people accused of violent and property crimes to be released the same day without bail, many of which are re-arrested the same day for the same crime.



I will fight tax increases that do little more than burden homeowners and renters with ever rising property taxes and rents. Your family's hard earned dollars deserve to stay with you. Taxes stifle small and emerging businesses and we should always look for alternatives before considering tax increases.

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The best social program is a strong economy. All work has dignity and we must put forward policies that are pro-growth. With the lowest unemployment rate in the country we have seen wages rise in New Hampshire only to have those gains squandered by inflation. I will always support policies that keep prices low and more money in your family's pockets.

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While there is little the State can do around monetary policy we can help stifle the blow of rampant inflation by keeping government small and more money in your bank account and not the government's. We do this by spending wisely and always remembering that when the "State" pays for things, it first gets its money from the people and taxpayers.

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Small Businesses

NH has over 133,000 small businesses making up 99% of businesses in the state! Most of us work for a company with less than 100 employees. They make up the backbone of our economy and we must take steps to protect them from an ever encroaching bureaucracy.


Second Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is not just about hunting. It is about protecting your family, your life, and your liberties. I am proudly pro-second amendment and will not waiver when it comes to making sure you have the ability and the right to defend yourself. 

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